Vision & Missions

*We are the sole agent in Malaysia for supplying and distributing Japanese, Taiwan and German well-known and reliable stationary products. We strive, in the future, to be a top distributor of these products in the regions of South East Asia.

*We hope in the near future to promote and pioneer more branded stationary items from other parts of the world; Europe and America. This will give consumers a wider range of choice.

*To enhance betterment of promotion and demonstration of our products by penetrating into different market sectors such as: –

  • Education
  • Colleges, universities, technical institutes, academies of arts, religious school, tuition centre, kindergarden and etc
  • F&B
    Restaurant, hotel, café & lounge and etc
  • OEM
    Printing, textile, furniture, glass, shoe, electrical and etc
  • Art & Craft
    Scrapbooking, sewing & quilt, carving
  • Dealer
    Stationery retailer, chain-bookstore, car accessory, hypermarket, hardware shop, photo shop and etc
  • Government under tender basis